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The Righteous Woman
They’re working one of those in-between jobs again. It sounds stupid to say they’re basically just filling time, waiting for the apocalypse, but Dea can’t shake the feeling that that’s exactly it.
Hey, beats twiddling your thumbs.
She sent Sam into the dilapidated convenience store, opting instead to sit in the Impala’s driver seat, playing her music louder than her stick-in-the-mud brother would ever tolerate.
The radio crackles once, a loud, drawn-out static, then shuts off. “What the...” she bends over it, half-prepared to run to check on Sammy, when a prickling on her neck causes her to turn around.
She almost jumps through the roof. “Cas! Gimme a little warning next time, will ya?”
He stares at her, as serious and intense as ever. It’s been a bit more than two weeks since she last saw him, and he doesn’t seem to be much worse for wear. His hair is ruffled, maybe he has a shade more stubble, but he’s largely un
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Dead End by the-improbable-ive Dead End :iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 3 2
While They Last: part II
John Watson is a soldier- was a soldier, maybe, but tenses don’t matter, because that is what he does.
He soldiers on. Even on the days when everything he’s let get away from him is haunting him and he’s almost earned back that limp.
It’s a different flat, not a bad place to wake up, but not a good one, either. It’s at a very nice price and it’s just the right size for one man (that is, small). Everything has a place, and everything is in that place, militaristic with the touch of disorganization you find in a bachelor’s flat. He goes to work at the surgery, he comes back, and there are no body parts in the freezer, no chemicals balanced precariously on the counter. The mail is not jackknifed to the mantel, and there’s no skull beside it. He doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night because of shooting or swearing or a sudden case or melancholy violin music.
And all of it is perfectly ordinary.
So when he wakes up from a most extra
:iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 5 5
While They Last
"Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?"
-Alfred Lord Tennyson

"So," Lestrade says, crossing his arms. "What're we looking at?"
He's giving Sherlock that look, the same focus, curiosity, trust, and confusion he did the first time John met him.
Sherlock raises his eyebrows, and his eyes flick away from the corpse for a second. "A body, Lestrade, I thought even you could discern that." He smirks at John's half-snort of laughter, then is completely focused on the scraps of something that was once human.
Lestrade doesn't respond, but watches each taut line of the consultant's form, bent over for closer examination. Sherlock's gloved fingers trace along the veins of the cadaver's wrist, gently skipping over the cuts carved into the arm.
The cuts aren't limited to that limb. This young man's body turned up in the morgue- laid out on one of the slabs, like the killer was presenting a challenge, like he wanted to be found- scored all over. Besides the damage
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My Friends Are the Best Friends by the-improbable-ive My Friends Are the Best Friends :iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 15 0
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
A few days before Christmas, Molly buys a package of ten Christmas cards and sits down on her bedroom floor with her cat and a pen.
They're pretty cards, she thinks. She hasn't sent any in a long time, but it seemed that this year was the year to start again. At least, it did when she was in the store, and saw this set of cards, with its artful arrangement of snowflakes and cartoon birds. Now that she's sitting, actually faced with the prospect of writing messages in them, she wishes she hadn't spent the money that makes her feel obligated to do the deed.
Finally, she just picks up the pen and opens the first card.
It gets addressed to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.
Dear Sherlock & John,
Happy Christmas! Thank you for making this year interesting (Oh, that sounded really bad, like I didn't have anything better to say, but what I mean is, I always know something different is going to happen with the two of you walk in. And...different is good.) The point is, I'm never bored with yo
:iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 15 22
This is a nightmare.
No, it really is a nightmare. It's a dream. Right now, the pain he's inflicting and's all in his head.
But isn't that all that's really mattered to him? The inside of his own head?
He thinks there might be a way to trigger his physical self, the one in the world of Others, to awaken, but that thought isn't really clearly defined. Just because he knows that this is a dream doesn't mean he has the power to shape it.
How? How is this possible? The man of complete control, mental discipline, reduced to this? A nightmare! In his own carefully kept mind, the very idea is as abhorrent as being sliced right through the middle, shot through the heart...
And all he can do is watch.
He can hear his own voice: I lied to you.
There's someone else, someone blurred and far away. Someone who has been lied to one too many times. Someone who's given up.
It's not true, it was never true. I'm never coming back. The word never is a generalization. It's a
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Burn Bright by the-improbable-ive Burn Bright :iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 1 9 On the First Day of Christmas... by the-improbable-ive On the First Day of Christmas... :iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 3 0 I Don't Like to Get My Hands Dirty... by the-improbable-ive I Don't Like to Get My Hands Dirty... :iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 12 19
Grey Christmas
Snow drifts past the windows, and everything- everything- is grey outside: snowbanks, buildings, sky, cars, people. Grey light streams through the window, silhouetting the form of a tall, pale man dressed in a grey dressing-gown whose grey eyes search the outside world hungrily. He's waiting. He's been waiting all day, waiting to see something- anything out of the ordinary.
As the man stands there, shifting his weight slightly so his feet won't fall asleep, dull notes screech from the violin he's holding. The melody (which he is composing as he plays, not really thinking) is beautiful, in a cold way. You wouldn't want to hear more of it, especially today, when Christmas is so close.
No, today, you (like the man's flatmate) want to hear lively, warm carols. Tunes you know by heart, songs every radio station is pouring out.
But the tall man does not want to hear these songs, and after several silent battles between him and his flatmate consisting of the latter turning the radio on
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Realise (or Realize, for my fellow 'Murrikans)
It was that kind of day.
Molly Hooper is embarrassed and depressed and angry and frustrated with the world, and she feels a great need to be hugged.
It was a child- those days are never good, when it's someone so much younger than her laid out cold and stiff on the slab. Sherlock swept in and delicately examined the girl with his long, beautiful, sensitive hands, then looked up at her, cold gray eyes clouded. "Moriarty," he said harshly, his dark voice thick with disgust. And they went on, and examined the child, Sherlock returned to his microscope and was a simple question, she gave a simple answer. But...she said "Jim." She meant Moriarty. She meant cold-blooded, dangerously brilliant, ice-cold, bloodthirsty killer. She said sparkling eyes, sweet smiles, adorably awkward, soft kisser...
No, no, no, no. You can't let the lines blur. You can't mistake the actor for the character.
Molly was just getting a breath of fresh air. Outside, where quiet traffic noises could distract
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Trick for Treat
"All right." The teacher's voice is sharp and clear as a winter morning. She slowly paces along the line of students. The boys shuffle their feet, staring at their shoes. "Who...did...this?"
It's exactly the kind of mischief the school is plagued with, the kind of far too clever crimes that occur strangely regularly. There are rumours among the children (but of course the teacher doesn't know this) that one of the staff is a werewolf, given that each trick gets played whenever there's a full moon. This time, there's a collection of dolls, every single one in the school, hanging by their ankles from the ceiling, completely mutilated. The girls' wing of rooms woke up with a wail.
The teacher stops pacing around the middle of the lineup. After a long silence, a boy on the end of the line starts crying. "I- I did."
Her head swivels to meet the watery gaze of a tiny eight-year-old. His head seems a bit too big, his eyes enormous, dark and sweet and honest. Despite his guilty plea, his eyes
:iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 13 19
45 More Things You Didn't Know About Molly Hooper
46. She asked Sherlock out for coffee, but she doesn't even like coffee, unless it's extremely diluted in milk and sugar. She just knew that he practically survived on it.
47. She's still not sure how she ended up adopting Toby. She just went in to look a kittens, and an hour later, she was signing papers for a large-ish adult male tabby. He didn't play like the other cats, but when let out of his little crate, he just jumped into her lap and settled down there. Then he looked up at her with yellow eyes like, "Well, that's settled." And it was.
48. Her hair tangles absurdly easily, which is one of the reasons she likes to keep it pulled back.
49. She's thought about cutting her hair short, but...that's a big change.
50. Other than being...well...alone, and Sherlock Holmes, her life is going exactly as she's planned for a long time. Yes, those are two big things, but it's close enough that her friends call her "Little Miss Perfect."
51. She hates raisins. They're just...wrong, all gummy
:iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 31 14
45 Things You Didn't Know About Molly Hooper
1. She enjoys drawing, but she doesn't do it much anymore...partially because she's sure she isn't any good.
2. She's an only child.
3. She owns all of the Disney princess movies. They're nice to watch every once in awhile, after a long, stressful day.
4. She hates pancakes but loves waffles.
5. Every Saturday, she makes herself a waffle and gives Toby a few bites.
6. She'd never tell anyone this, but she's given her cat a full title in her head: Sir Tobias Bartholomew Hooper von London-Streets.
7. She knows her crush on Sherlock is absolutely hopeless, but whenever she resolves to just get over it, he sweeps in. He may be cold, but he's brilliant and beautiful, and sometimes he'll smile at her. Also, he's tall.
8. She has an inexplicable thing for tall men.
9. Her mother had a miscarriage when Molly was two years old. She doesn't remember her parents telling her about it, but she does remember being interested in death at four years old. In retrospect, her parents decided they shouldn
:iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 47 40
There's a definite reason why Sherlock Holmes (currently travelling under the inconspicuous name Peter Sigerson) hates any form of public transportation.
He just hasn't figured it out yet.
More specifically, at least, than the fact that he is currently stuck under the city of Washington, D.C., smashed between a very small, pungent man, and a very large, over-perfumed woman. He's given up on turning his head and looks straight ahead until the train finally slows into the next stop. He stands quickly, sits back down to allow the man to get off, then rises again and grimly grabs one of the poles in the center of the car. People disembark, people board, and they're off into the dark tunnel system again.
But wait.
She's hanging onto the pole in front of his, profile to him as she stares out the constricted window. He takes in her black heels, grey pinstriped pencil skirt, silky button-down shirt. Her hair is streaked with brown and blond, her face is more worn than he remembers, and her che
:iconthe-improbable-ive:the-improbable-ive 18 18
Go ahead. Explore. There's probably nothing in there that'd kill you.

(For original stuff, just peruse my gallery. :))

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Curved Mirror
The first time Captain Martin Creiff heard the name Sherlock was in a shop on Baker Street.
He ignored the call of the unfamiliar name, barely pausing in his collecting a Toblerone for Arthur along with the various other snacks required by the miniscule company of MJN, bored of standby. The name was called again and he did indeed stop a bit to ponder at the idea of someone choosing to name a child that. He shook it off.
It was only when he turned around, almost crashing right into the little, kindly-looking old lady staring expectantly up at him, that he realized she had been seeking him out. He stepped back a bit, someone put out by her half-horrified, half-ecstatic and yet supremely disbelieving expression. He blinked at her awkwardly. “Can I… help you?”
She gasped, a small, almost unnoticeable, breathy sound, as if she didn’t believe he would ever actually respond to her. She stared at him as if he were some sort of piece in a collection, taking in his featu
:iconmaelynnmeep:MaelynnMeep 11 11
does it bite by Fukari does it bite :iconfukari:Fukari 2,635 61
Here you can get a lovely glance into my obsessions and- OOH IS THAT A SPARKLY?




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Um...hi, all. You may have noticed, I've been on hiatus, so. But! I'm considering coming back this summer, but I'd like to know I have some community interest if I do, so...anyone? Opinions?
hahahah i'm so eloquent
OH, and this is the funniest thing EVER.…


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